A Priest Who Spent Years Studying Aloe Vera Says That Cancer Can Be Cured! This is the Recipe!

Father Romano Zago is a priest from Brazil who spends 20 years of his life examining the plant, Aloe Vera. He created a program called the Aloe Arborescens Protocol who has been proven to be effective in advanced cancer patients.

While serving God, father Zago noticed that people use Aloe to treat many diseases. He, later on, decides to do a research on this plant which eventually he dedicated his whole life studying it.

Father Romano claims that he has cured patients with bone, brain, colon, breast, prostate cancer and leukemia completely naturally.

Down below is the famous recipe from his book:



This recipe requires the aloe vera arborescent plant, which is even more powerful than plain Aloe Vera. In case it can not be found you can replace it with regular Aloe Vera.

The first part of the process is removing its thorns and wash of the leaves (300 gr). Next, cut the leaves into peace and mix them into 500 gr. of natural organic honey and six tablespoons of an alcoholic beverage in a blender. If you don’t consume alcohol you can use apple cider vinegar.

Mix the ingredients well and after that place, the mixture in a glass jar, seal it good and store it in a fridge.

How to use:

Consume two tablespoons of the natural remedy 30 minutes before each meal three times a day. Before consuming it is important to shake the jar or bottle so the compounds are well mixed.


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